April 28, 2011

band photo

i remember that it was a hot day in mid december when we decided to take the first band photo.
previously  we only put one on facebook; a photo of our friend kania and myself holding a camera. on a glimpse, probably people would think that they're au revoir simone-wannabe band (haha!).
within times the band grew musically and got more serious feedback from people. that's when we think a proper photo is needed. 

the preparations were simple, and we used gilar's house for the location. 
it's the birthplace of many of their songs and it's always been the place for the band to do casual rehearsal or just noodling with new sounds. it's where the history began. that is why we thought that it's the right place . 
the photoshoot was about the band playing around with instruments, and them just basically hanging out (oh but this time with  more proper wardrobe, not the usual torn up t-shirt and  washed out shorts :D), trying to recapture their laidback weekend activity that started everything.

you know, i always find it hard to take pictures of people, but this time it wasn't that hard. they were easy to direct, and thanks to the zillion jokes from ninu, i captured lotsa laughs and silly expressions :) 
too bad our bassist ranggi couldn't make it for some reason. so you can only see the five of them in the pictures

ninu, april, saras, gilar, and yogas with the Y figure pose

errr no comment on this
the dudettes
just like one happy dysfunctional  family

~ enggar paramita. 

the first thing out

the elephants are now blogging!
and this is our first entry.
pardon the simple lay out, we're newbies in this web-blogging thingy.

it's  gonna be about the band and everything in between: photos, videos, news updates, silly stories, things that we find inspiring, schedules, jokes, well basically everything!

so watch out for our rampage postings soon! :p

~ enggar paramita.