May 31, 2011

The Upcoming Gigs

It’s an exciting week for us, not only because the working days are short, but also because we're having gigs on Saturday and Sunday :)
  • Saturday (04/06) 8 pm, at the opening of Sugar High; a new dessert heaven for sweet tooth - Jl. Abdul Majid No. 99D Kemang Selatan 
  • Sunday (05/06) 5 pm, Dried Cassava's album launch 
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Gimme 5-ed with Yogas

Back at the Nylon Music Festival, Yogas was gimme 5-ed by Ken and Dinda from whiteboardjournal about his favourite films. 

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May 21, 2011

Bumi Bernyanyi

Hey guys, we'll be playing this Sunday (22/05) at Bumi Bernyanyi, together with The Trees and The Wild and Erik Indarto.
The venue is at Moose Believer (Jl. Bumi no.44 Mayestik, in front of Heyfolks Shop), starts at 3 pm, and no entry ticket needed :D

ps: you probably don't know this, but it's gonna be acoustic. ehm, you don't hear it from me :p

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May 16, 2011

Swimming Elephants at Music Alliance Pact May 2011

Thanks to deathrockstar, last Sunday (May 15), our song Sarah was featured on Music Alliance Pact May 2011, along with other great songs from 35 countries!

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Swimming Elephants at Deathrockstar Session

Had Eric interviewed the band for deathrockstar podcast.
The session was so silly, all we did was laughing.
Anyway, check out the interview here

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Gimme 5-ed with Whiteboardjournal

Ken & Dinda from whiteboardjournal interviewed Gilar for gimme 5-ed section

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Nylon Music Festival

So last Saturday (May 7), Swimming Elephants played in Nylon Music Festival. It was our first experience having a stage that big. We were excited and nervous at the same time.
Anyway, this is what Gilar thought about the event:

The Nylon gig was quite disastrous, in a way. First of all, our Omnichord died on our first song (even though it came back to life again). Secondly, the volume levels for everything were all messed up. And finally, eventhough sometimes we like them, but we got unwanted feedbacks when it was supposed to be gentle. We were told that the nature of the venue was a bit difficult to tame, not to mention that we have like an acoustic guitar, 3 keyboards and 5 mics that were all drenched in reverb. So we thought; okay we’re gonna have some serious feedback problem on the stage, we can live with that, but it turned out that we got more than just that. It was a battlefield, and we were massacred. 

There’s a little story about the playlist as well. We were supposed to play At The Zoo that night, but at the last minute we decided to play Battle to open our set. It worried us cause the song needed an electric guitar and I didn’t try mine during soundcheck - and last minute changes might lead to a technical catastrophe. Anyway,  the song is one of our oldest, and we rarely got the chance to play it live. So I guess when we saw the size of the venue and when we found out that the sound system was one of the best in town, we knew that we had to play it. Nobody knows when we’ll ever encounter a venue that big again - so we took the risk, and it turned out that it was the right decision afterall.

The most important thing was, we got to share the stage with 10 great bands, and that was quite a something for us. For us who are not musicians (except Ranggi perhaps), to take part in a music festival and surrounded by all these talented people are not something that can happen at least twice in our lifetime, so it was kinda unbelieveable. There’s also this sense of togetherness, it’s cheesy I know, but it was quite overwhelming and we won’t ever forget it. It felt like we were taking part in the beginning of a new wave, and the line ups were just the tip of the iceberg.

We made some new friends too; the guys and girls from Nylon, Ken (Jirapah) and Dinda from Whiteboardjournal, Eric from Deathrockstar and many more, and we had some fun. All in all, setting aside all of the technical issues, we felt so honored to be part of festival, and at the same time we also felt dwarfed, and in the context of what that night meant to the local music industry in general, it's actually a real good thing. – Gilar Di Aria

waiting for soundcheck

our friend ruddy hatumena, who helped with band's documentation

*photos by me and captured from videos by ruddy hatumena 

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May 3, 2011

last rehearsal for nylon

si ucing garong

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in their own write

Saras, Rizki and Gilar each wrote a little something about me, I guess they wanted to introduce me to you guys, which is kinda odd, but anyways, here it is (and I swear i didn't pay them any money :P):

"If Swimming Elephants is an organized crime family, Enggar would be our consigliere. She's been with us since we could barely play instruments (not that we can now), and has always been so critical and supportive about our musical thingy. She's one of those people who -apart from our moms- made us believe that there's something between the silly pop-noises that we made. We always play her iPod whenever we travel together -we trust her taste, and she made us trust ourselves".  -Gilar Di Aria-

"Enggar adalah suara nalar di antara kebodohan tiada akhir yang dengan sotoy-nya kita sebut sebagai proses kreatif. Itu, dan penyebar racun cong nomor wahid". -Rizki Yogaswara-

"In every a to z of Swimming Elephants, there's a touch of Enggar Paramita. Nobody takes care of us troublesome brats better than she does". -Saras Juwono-

May 2, 2011

nylon music festival

Hari Sabtu ini (7 Mei 2011) Swimming Elephants berkesempatan untuk bermain di Nylon Music Festival.
Rencananya mereka akan berbagi panggung dengan band lokal hebat lainnya seperti Roman Foot Soldiers, Jirapah, Shore, Bottle Smoker, L'Alphalpha, Ndeesaster, Angsa dan Serigala, High Time Rebellion, dan juga bintang tamu dari Inggris; Hurts.
Venue yang akan digunakan adalah Epicentrum Kuningan. Perasaan kami semua campur aduk; antusias, nervous, sekaligus senang karena ini adalah kali pertama mereka akan bermain di sebuah festival musik bersama band-band hebat; a totally new experience! And we hope that it's gonna be fun!

Wish them luck!

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