September 22, 2011

Holiday at The Office

We've been soooo busy with our jobs for the last few months
but we still have our minds on music
hopefully :)

Ninu's been sick for the last 2 months, he's getting better, though he's in no condition to play the drums until at least November,
April's haunted by deadlines, she hasn't showered for months,
Yogas' basically a one-man department in his office,
Ranggi's recording with his other band,
Saras' busy auditioning male musicians
and I have 16 cats to tend to,
it's madness!

The only musical thing I did in the past few weeks was to play with Jirapah last Sunday.
I got the chance to make some bad ass noises; something that I haven't done in ages, so it's really refreshing.
I'd love to play with them again.

Check them out here: , a dude called Ken Jenie is the mastermind behind it, he's a really talented multi-instrumentalist, and a pretty tall one too.

- Gilar

September 5, 2011


Dreaming of a lush soundscape
digital and analog noises.
The human voice as instruments
with synths and electric guitars
and the pulsating beats, hypnotising
gutsy and complex
A departure from the old traditional ways
abstraction of structure
atmospheric and fluid
graceful and majestic,
like a herd of elephants
swimming across the sea.

But before then, it's a ride with this pop machine.
Our melancholic discoveries,
our practice space,
our playground of naive melodies.

- Gilar