November 22, 2011

Next up: A Music Network #3

so November is coming to an end and we have got a new gig next week. quite a queer one because it is held on a workday. a Tuesday to be exact. click jump for more info.

Polka Wars, 
Swimming Elephants, and 
Backwood Sun.

Tuesday, November 29th | starts at 8:30 pm | Hard Rock Cafe, Plaza EX, Thamrin.

November 21, 2011

"Tales From The Bedroom" & The House That Made My Day

Culture Vulture 2011 is an art & gourmet exhibition that takes place at Desa Kemang - a clustered residences located in the heart of Kemang area - it transformed several empty houses to a gallery each consist of different artists and works. and last Friday Swimming Elephants has been given a chance to play a show at that same event.

the gig is dubbed "Tales From the Bedroom", why? you see, there is a 2 storey house with a bedroom -located on the 2nd floor- facing the center of the establishment, that's where we'll be playing ~ hence the name.

anyhooves, the gig was like this: 5 of us were cramped in one small room with loads of our instruments, and since we are on the 2nd floor, we really cannot hear or see the people down there watching us. so then we just go about playing our songs and talk with each other like it was a weekend rehearsal in Gilar's room. afterward friends said the sound system was not the best, in some songs my guitar is completely muted out, Adit, our manager, tried unsuccessfully to balance out the volume while we were playing and so on. not that it was a disaster, it was just not what we wanted, and it was over much too soon... but i had fun.

and this gig was unique to me because it is actually the first time we play with all electric settings. yes, i, who usually detest electric guitars, (for the most part because they are too bloody expensive, not to mention cartloads of effects that will have you scraped the last bit of your wallet) have been maliciously convinced by Gilar to use one on this gig. a decision i know i will regret for the rest of my life.

also we met some new friends from Polka Wars, -my personal favorite and who in my personal opinion, is one of the best upcoming act today, i have been trying to check them out for a while to no avail, luckily this time we share a gig- and a guy named Paul who bought us drinks and shares his stories about living in Indonesia, music and how he is currently looking for a good stereo and that somebody has advised him to look in Ambassador mall. big mistake Paul.

anyway the gig went well, other bands are great. Dried Cassava rock out as usual, Jetto was entertaining, i enjoyed Polka Wars very much and Space System was out of this world, undoubtedly the best of the night.

1 more thing, in Culture Vulture there is an exhibition house by Eric Wirjanata (Thunderpanda), Isha Hening, & Poppie Mayiesky. i checked their exhibition when we're doing soundcheck. if anything, its worth going to Culture Vulture at Desa Kemang just to see their work. i took, well compelled, to take these pictures when i was there. to Eric/Isha/Poppie if you guys read this, i'm sorry i took these pictures without asking you guys first :)
the house that made my day

Don't tell anyone, but between all the artworks, the foods, drinks and bands, their exhibition was the highlight of my day.

PS: Desa Kemang is located at an alley just beside Panin Bank and across Izzi Pizza Kemang.


Some of Poppie Mayiesky's work

stsitra eht

the legendary Lemi the Space Wanderer by Thunderpanda