March 30, 2012

An Accidental Collaboration

One night around late October or early November 2011 I was playing around with my old crappy keyboard while waiting for a text from a dear friend. I stumbled upon a really simple arrangement and decided to record it to see if something else can come out of it in the future. Then the next day I emailed it to a very talented close friend of mine, a motiongrapher, to see what she thought of it.  Turned out that she liked it very much that she put it in her visual art project for an exhibition. The audio visual installation was called 'House of The Broken Hearted People' and the artist is Isha Hening.

House of The Brokenhearted People from Isha Hening on Vimeo.

It's a touching piece or work I think, a rather personal one by her. Having seen her portfolio I thought that she would've done something epic, a showcase of her advanced technical abilities, but this time she abandoned it all and chosen an intimate approach, like showing the naked soul of a machine. Projected in a small dark room with no light at all, she managed to shed some emotion in what's usually a playground of the mind with her digital artwork.

- gilar

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